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Use these tips to learn how to structure a Press Release, to make the most of your news.


Press Releases cover the 5Ws: Why, Who, What, Where and When:

  • Why should someone read your article?
  • Who is the audience for your article
  • What is your message - the main story in the article
  • Where gives the geographic relevance to your story
  • When put time & date parameters on the story.

Firstly, pick a story that is newsworthy! It sounds obvious, but it's very easy to slip into 'Sales Mode'. If your story is topical, quirky, or controversial, then it has an even greater chance of being noticed.

When writing a story, tell the story that someone else will want to read. This means finding an angle that makes it easier for your audience to identify with the message, or better still, that they will also want to share - with the mass availability of blogs and social bookmarks, your potential reach is well beyond traditional journalism.

Keep the story simple, to the point and make sure that the grammer and spelling is correct. If you are quoting third-party sources, ensure that the quotes are correct, and of course that you have permission to use them.


Your opening paragraph should summarise the article and entice the reader to continue.

The second paragraph goes into full detail and ideally includes a real quotation to deliver an opinion or reaction within the scope of the article. Of course, depending on length, you may want to split this paragraph into a number of smaller ones.

The last paragraph will wrap up the article, perhaps with a call to action.

Formal Press Releases require company background and also contact details, which automatically includes in the formatting.

Be aware that some publications require press releases to follow strict structure and language guidelines before they will be considered.


Press releases are about content. Use words to catch the readers attention, and to lead them through the article. Avoid using UPPERCASE text, and please be mindful that will remove all markup uploaded articles.

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