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78% of visitors who clicked through to one client's own website came to their profile from internal links.

registernow.png and get your news and business profile listed in category pages - and grab the attention of visitors who came to looking for something esle!

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By accessing this website (, a service provided by Adaptive Decision Systems Ltd (ADECSYS), you agree to the following Terms of Serivce:

General Conditions

  1. This website is provided on an as-is and as-available basis, without warranty to any loss or damages arising from its availability or otherwise.
  2. ADECSYS reserves the right to include advertising with content presented by, with the exception of content feeds integrated with third-party website. Advertising will be kept as descrete and appropriate as possible.
  3. Technical Support is only provided to valid account holders. Where scope extends beyond the public website, a fee may be charged, or by consent, a third party may be referred to help address the issues.
  4. ADECSYS uses third-party hosting partners to provide the necessary infrastructure and components required to run
  5. Attempts to gain unauthorised access to the service, or the hosting will be recorded and may result in denial of future access from the originating workstation.
  6. The design, structure and presentation of is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without prior written consent from ADECSYS.
  7. Further publication of content taken from is permitted, providing the inclusion of a distinct acknowledgement of as source publisher.
  8. It is an offence to resell some or all services provided by without prior written consent.
  9. The failure of ADECSYS to enforce or exercise any item from these Terms of Service shall not constitute a waiver of such terms.
  10. ADECSYS may publish an updated Terms of Service as required without obligation of prior notification of such an update, which will automatically supercede previous Terms of Service.

Registered Business Details

  1. Business registration details must match those on file with the Companies Registration Office. Change in particulars must be reflected on this site using the "My Account" interfaces. Some changes may incur a details verification fee.
  2. A company account can be terminated directly from the "My Account" facility. Verbal requests to terminate an account cannot be entertained for security reasons. Account termination will result in the deletion of data associated with the account. Please contact ADECSYS in advance of account termination to make arrangements for extraction and transfer of any data required.
  3. ADECSYS reserve the right to change industry sectors listed on the site, or to move a business to another sector.

Registered Account Holder

  1. Registered Account Holder represents a single person identified by their email account. Automated registrations are not permitted and will result in account deactivation.
  2. Accounts must not be shared. Multiple contacts for a company may be registered if required.
  3. Each account holder is solely responsible for maintaining the security of their account identifier and password. These can be changed and reset using the links supplied. cannot accept any responsibily for loss or damage arising from unauthorized access resulting from a failure to comply with this condition.
  4. Account Holder details must be correct at time of entry and maintained to ensure their accuracy.
  5. All registered account holders will receive a monthly email from to include account summary, a digest of all news posted in the preceding calendar month, tips & tricks on using the site, and other content approved by
  6. Verbal, written or other abuse (including threats of abuse) of any ADECSYS employee, partner, agent or customer will result in immediate account deactivation, and may be reported to the relevant authorities.
  7. must not be used for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.
  8. An account can be terminated directly from the "My Profile" facility.

Commercial Operations

  1. operates a system of credits to facilitate account operations.
  2. Credits will be deduced on completion of a qualifying operation, and are non-refundable.
  3. Credits may be purchased, awarded in response to a successful referral or by means of an administrative bonus.
  4. ADECSYS reserves the right to review and change prices quoted and for charges associated in supplying this service.
  5. All fees charged are subject to Irish VAT at 23%, and invoices will be issued in compliance with Irish Tax Law.
  6. All invoices must be paid in full before account features and capabilities are enabled, and before credits are assigned to the account.
  7. A minimum purchase of two (2) credits per 12 month period is required for ensure that a company remains active on Accounts deactivated for a period of 3 months may be permanently removed from this site.
  8. maintains a statement of account detailing transaction histories for both invoices and also credits.
  9. Valid accounts may post historical News & PR articles. No fee is charged where such articles are published with a release date greater than 3 months past, once the account has a credit balance of at least 1 (one).

Content & Copyright

  1. All content uploaded and published in implicitly deemed to be public domain, but copyright to the company to which it relates.
  2. ADECSYS does not pre-screen content. In the event that an abuse of this service has been identified, please use the "Report Abuse" facility to bring it to our attention. ADECSYS retains the right (but not the obligation) to remove any content without reason or prior notice.
  3. Content can be entered and edited using the editing facilities supplied. All content will be entered in plain-text, and any presentation or other HTML markup will be automatically removed.
  4. ADECSYS reserves the right to amend the layout and presentation of published content.
  5. Content may be published with a future release date. Such articles will become automatically available at midnight (00:00 hours) on the specified date.
  6. Published content cannot be edited once it has been presented to the public.
  7. Published content may be withdrawn using the "My Account" facilities provided.
  8. Content presented must be accurate and must relate to the business and operation of the Registered Business.
  9. Bookmarks linked to a business PR profile must relate to the business, its products or services or its key personnel.
  10. Content will be archived indefinitely, unless expressly withdrawn from public domain by an authorised account holder.
  11. Specific indexed views may be disabled until sufficient content is available to ensure a reasonable level of objectivity on the website. Typically, a minimum of five (5) articles from a minimum of five (5) companies is required for a category to be accessible.
  12. Misuse of will result in the withdrawl of content, or possible account deactivation.
  13. Published content will be transmitted electronically using non-secure means to an open and uncontrolled audience.


  1. Testimonials require customer approval before being presented to the public.
  2. The nominated customer contact will be sent an email requesting their approval, and the email address supplied must be an own-domain email address.
  3. cannot issue a refund / credits where testimonials are rejected by the customer contact.
  4. Testimonials will be published similar to News & PR articles, and are subject to the conditions listed above.

Business Groups / Communities / Associations

  1. supports the clustering of news by business group, community or associations. Membership of such groups is moderated by a designated membership officer for the group, and they will have final arbitration of membership.
  2. A member company may request to be associated with a group which will result in a direct email to the membership officer. Decision to include the member company lies solely with the group membership officer.
  3. A member company may break kthe association from their "My Account" facility.
  4. Where a group membership officer changes, the new officer must be nominated by the outgoing officer and the outgoing officer will be removed from authority once the new officer has confirmed their email address.
  5. A minimum of five (5) member companies with a minimum of one (1) news article each must be associated with a group before it will appear on the public website.
  6. ADECSYS reserve the right to remove a business group, community or association from without reason or prior notice. content feed

  1. A content feed may be included on the company's website. Details & instructions for doing so are included from the "My Account" area. Technical support is available, and may be subject to a fee.
  2. A content feed may be included on a business group or association's website. Details & instructions for doing so are included from the "Adminstration" area. Technical support is available, and may be subject to a fee.
  3. ADECSYS reserve the right to include a descrete logo with the feed and link to the main website. newsletter subscribers

  1. supports newsletter subscription lists on behalf of Registered Companies.
  2. A primary account holder must enable the newsletter facility, and in doing so accepts these Terms of Service.
  3. Visitors can 'subscribe' to updates for enabled companies where they will receive a copy of articles subsequently published by that company, if the content is published with a date no older that two weeks from present.
  4. Each email received via the newsletter facility will include a footer with links allowing them to manage their subscription on
  5. Primary account holders can manage their newsletter subscriber list, with the ability to view, add and remove subscribers.
  6. ADECSYS reserve the right to review newsletter subscriber lists and the newsletter subscription facility may be withdrawn from an account in the event of misuse.
  7. News articles will only be circulated if sumbitted within 2 weeks of their publish date.

Special Offer - July'09

  1. Subscriber account must be in credit - credits can be purchased through the site
  2. Testimonials must be published and approved by the customer before Midnight 31st July, 2009

Effective date: 30th June, 2009