Measuring PR?

By publishing your News on, you can see exactly how many unique readers have read your news, and also how may subsequently clicked through to your website.

registernow.png and measure the effectiveness of your PR on the web.

Use the suggestions & feedback facility to let us know what you think of this service. pricing is based on a 'pay-to-publish' model for use of our efficient and effective press release distribution: traditional and online media channels.

Using is easy, and the value comes from significant time savings, centralising your PR assets, and your brand & business will benefit from the significantly extended lifespan of your PR.

All businesses registered, even with a free account option, can build a profile around bookmarked webpages, and will be notified to our Twitter followers and be included in our Monthly digest email circular.

Account & Pricing Options

(Credits: 0)Just register today, and purchase your credits when you're ready to publish.

€ 38.50

(Credits: 1)Start building your PR profile today - includes your first Press Release, Article or Testimonial.

€ 192.50

(Credits: 6)Publish a Press Release, Article or Testimonial every couple of months for the next year.

€ 385.00

(Credits: 13)Enough credits to publish 12 monthly Press Releases, Articles or Testimonials, plus one for luck!

Register on - the basic profile is FREE and you will benefit from increased visibility online

€ 38.50

If you engage in promoting your business, this service will monitor other sites and simplify the task of including suitable links on your profile (requires exising, optionally free, profile).