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Use the suggestions & feedback facility to let us know what you think of this service. pricing is based on a 'pay-to-publish' model for use of our efficient and effective press release distribution: traditional and online media channels.

Using is easy, and the value comes from significant time savings, centralising your PR assets, and your brand & business will benefit from the significantly extended lifespan of your PR.

All businesses registered, even with a free account option, can build a profile around bookmarked webpages, and will be notified to our Twitter followers and be included in our Monthly digest email circular.

Account & Pricing Options

(Credits: 0)Just register today, and purchase your credits when you're ready to publish.

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(Credits: 1)Start building your PR profile today - includes your first Press Release, Article or Testimonial.

€ 192.50

(Credits: 6)Publish a Press Release, Article or Testimonial every couple of months for the next year.

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(Credits: 13)Enough credits to publish 12 monthly Press Releases, Articles or Testimonials, plus one for luck!

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If you engage in promoting your business, this service will monitor other sites and simplify the task of including suitable links on your profile (requires exising, optionally free, profile).