Search Engines Rule!

Since publishing it's News, 42% of visitors who read its news & profile came directly from the top three major search engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN Live!.

registernow.png and benefit from excellent search engine results placement, with a direct and permanent link to your news and your profile - all made easy through one simple login.

Use the suggestions & feedback facility to let us know what you think of this service.

What is is Ireland's business PR website, providing a voice to small and medium businesses, simplifying the process of publishing articles & news and customer testimonials, centrally, publicly and to your website.

You upload and publish centrally, and your news release appears under all appropriate headings, on your website, on your business group's website and is included in a monthly digest email newsletter to all registered subscribers.

What is 'News'?
Most simply, News is what you want it to be! In the context of PR, news represents a change from your normal business that should interest your existing and potential customers. has identified the following "standard" news categories:

  • Product Launch : promote your new product or service
  • New Appointments : new key personnel; changes in responsibility; etc.
  • Deals Done : build confidence in your business by demonstrating significant contracts won
  • Relocation & New Premises : when you change offices, or open a new retail outlet
  • Feature : perhaps a case study, or a description of the benefits of using your product / service
  • Events & Sponsorship : for events that you are organising or have sponsored
  • General News : for everything else

We have assembled some thoughts on writing press releases to help get more from your news & articles.

Can I specify additional news categories?
Yes, but with a restriction: the set of core news categories is defined to ensure that the website content remains reasonably objective and organised.

However, in recognition of this need, you can specify any other news category as you wish, but these categories will not appear on the browse lists. It will appear as normal on your company's listing on this site, and of course on the news feed to your site.

Why should I register my business?
It is really easy to publish your online PR profile: login, write the article, set the date and publish - done!

Use your customer Testimonials to further enhance your PR profile, all on

You can "bookmark" other web-pages that mention your business, your products & services or your key personnel. This means that your company profile on will display both what you are publishing about your company, and also what others are saying about your company - thereby providing a single point of reference for your PR!

By including your company's news "feed" on your company website, your news will appear there - automatically. Your customers will see your news as additional content, thereby doubling the exposure!

If you are associated with a business group, and that group has a "Member's News" feed to their site, your news will also appear on that / those websites.

And your news will be included in a monthly email news digest to all registered individuals.

Our investment in search engine performance will also ensure that your content has a higher likelihood of being matched to your customers web searches.

All of the above are geared to help present your news to your customers, and with your contact details always presented alongside your content, this will help to drive visitors to your website and bring new customers to your business.

Registration is easy - but we will need your registered business details and VAT number.

What does it cost? charges 85+VAT per published Press Release, news article or testimonial, which can be pre-paid by buying in bulk, when the cost reduces to 65+VAT, depending on quantity. VAT is charged at the prevailing Irish VAT rate, currently 23%.

Credits are deducted when you publish news & testimonials to the site.

One small condition - you will need to purchase at least two credits per year for the account to remain active.

Why do we charge?
Ask yourself: if this site were full of junk content, do you feel that your profile would reinforce your message to your prospective customers?

Our answer was that profiles would be viewed more positively if it were surrounded by articles of genuine interest, and therefore add more value to our clients. But our fees structure is not too punitive - much the same as uploading a new page to your own website.

How is the content assured, if there are no editors?
All company details are validated using Company Registration Office details.

Articles can only be posted by authorised persons associated with, or authorised by the company.

Testimonials are only presented to the public once approved by the customer contact.

All group associations are approved and mananged by the group's designated Membership Officer.

And if you question a particular entry, use the Report Abuse facility to inform us and we will investigate, and withdraw it if necessary.

Do you guarantee reader numbers? is designed from the ground up to intelligently present news & PR to the reader.

While we cannot guarantee circulation, we can reassure that your news will appear in multiple locations on the site making it significantly more likely that your headline will be spotted.

Furthermore, as a healthy repostiory of information that is search engine optimised, your news will receive a much higher search engine response than if it is only posted on your company website.

All subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter including a digest of all news published in the preceding calendar month.

Lastly, you can include your company news from on your website's News page, with full branding control, ensuring that you website remains dynamic and current for visitors directly accessing your site. retains viewing statistics to report on the number of unique visitors that have view your headline and have read the full release, with last-30-day values for the ultimate comparison.

Who do you distribute news releases to? only sends content on a requested (opt-in) basis - by browsing this site; by subscribing to an RSS feed; by following 'przone' on Twitter; or by registering with the site.

Each business Account on can maintain a private email distribution list, which will receive a copy of each News article as it is published (live).

Each business can also, optionally, define a custom newswire service, whereby published press releases are sent to these news and editorial services.

All account holders are automatically included in a monthly email bulletin that will include a digest of all news posted during that month.

We encourage media and other interested observers to register with the site, and in doing so, they can tailor their RSS feed to their precise interests.

Can I upload a press release ahead of time?
Yes! We actually consider this to be of value to our clients when they are trying to coordinate a media campaign. Future posted news releases go live on the midnight and can be edited right up to that point.

Can I upload my press release archive?
Yes, please! You can upload any number of news releases, subject to your account being in credit. If the issue date for the release is older than 3 months, then there is no charge for the upload.

Can I upload articles published in the media?
Yes, subject to copyright, but you will benefit more from using the Bookmarks feature. There are instructions on adding a Toolbar button to your browser from the My Account facility. Then, when you are browsing other sites, you can simply click this button to add a link to that page to your company's profile.

The choice of which content to bookmark is yours, but we recommend that you focus on reputable publications that make reference to you, your company or your services.

I publish business news. Can I embed a "Bookmark this Page" button on my web site?
Yes - please! Contact us and we will happily send instructions.

My Business Group or Community is not listed - what can I do?
As a member, you can nominate your group for a listing. Use the "My Account - My Business Groups" facility to send a standard cover-letter email to the group's membership officer.

Once they have approved their listing, it will be added to the site.

They will be asked to validate every company seeking to link with their group on

Why can I not see my Business Group on the public site? operates a policy of needing a minimun of 5 businesses with at least one news article each before presenting the group articles.

You can help to reach this threshold by inviting other businesses in your group to join, best using the referral mechanism outlined above.

Once there are sufficient entries, your group can choose to include a member's news page that includes news from, and then your news will automatically be displayed there too!

What are vouchers? uses vouchers, or more specifically a voucher code, to offer promotional discounts or sign-up bonus to new customers.

These voucher codes can be entered during the registration process, and can also be freely shared up to their designated expiry date.

If you would like to secure a voucher for your clients, or members of a business group, please contact us.

Can I share a voucher?
Yes - in fact, we encourage you to do so. Use the "My Account - Voucher Sharing" facility to send a standard cover-letter to your contacts - really easy.

If you used a voucher when registering, and it is still active, it will be automatically selected when you invite a friend to join.

Not only will your colleagues benefit from the voucher, but you will also receive a bonus credit to your account when they join.