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26-Nov-2018Book Author Illustration
Kildare, Ireland, 26-Nov-2018 / Declan Considine,

Illustration for Gary Cunningham, Life after Joy.
“On my way to the rehearsal room, which was right in the middle of Dublin city centre, I actually bumped into two lads I had served time with. Sadly, life wasn’t good for these two upon their release. They seemed caught in the stranglehold of addiction, and all the horrible shite that brings with it. But they recognised me, and on seeing the guitar on my back, one of the lads says to me, ‘Ah Gar, ‘member The Off#nders? Jaysis, you were alright’ pal ya know that?’
‘Cheers man,’ I reply, ’sure, that’s where I’m going’ now lads, to jam with The Off#nders.’
‘Ahh no way pal, yeah? Fuckin’ nice one. When yiz are gigging’ I’ll go ’n see yas, yeah?’ comes this lad’s reply.
’Sounds like a plan,’ I say. I wished the lads all the best, and I have never meant those words more in my life. I hope they are both doing okay.”


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