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16-Apr-2014Be proud of your marathon running with the OSAAT Marathon Band
Westmeath, Ireland, 16-Apr-2014 / Achieve Sports,

OSAAT (one step at a time) Sports are a new innovative company based in Ireland. Their love of sports and in particular marathons provided the inspiration for their product the OSAAT Marathon Band.
The OSAAT Marathon Band is a sleek and stylish wristband only available to those who have completed a marathon. Its colour coded with 8 different bands available symbolizing the number of marathons completed. So for example, when an athlete completes their first marathon they are entitled to a red OSAAT Marathon Band. All applications are verified on using a worldwide database of marathon runners.
The bands will be available worldwide from July 1st but for those who want to become one of the first owners and a founding member of the elite OSAAT Marathon club can do so now on
Running a marathon is a huge achievement and less than 1% of the western population have completed one. The euphoria an athlete experiences upon completion is unrivalled, they want to tell the world and celebrate their achievement. Marathon runners have always liked mementos such as the medal, t-shirt and photo. The OSAAT Marathon Band gives the wearer the opportunity to feel proud of their achievements 24/7.
Contact: Marc Butler, OSAAT Sport.
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About Achieve Sports
Our product is a wristband that symbolises that a person has completed a marathon. The band is colour coded so that it also shows how many marathons the wearer has completed. You must be able to verify that you have ran a marathon before receiving the band.

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