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ADM Londis plc operates a Franchise of over 370 stores Nationwide, we need to communicate often and quickly with our retail partners.  E-Mail represents the fastest and most efficient method of achieving this aim, however we struggled for many years to gain retailer acceptance due to the high level of SPAM being received by our customers.

The E-mail Laundry has solved this problem for us in a professional and cost effective manner.  The solution was implemented on one month, no obligation trial (always the sign of a winning product), the technical support, although needed very infrequently has been incredibly responsive.

We have now been able to move our weekly printed News Bulletin from the post run and send via e-mail, this has not only decreased our costs and reduced our carbon footprint, but has meant that critical data, such as emergency product recalls, promotions, virus warnings etc. can now communicated immediately.

A further advantage of moving to an e-mail News Letter as opposed to our previous weekly printed News Bulletin, has been the ability to track readership via the WEB Links to important content.  This allows us to identify those who do not use this resource and thus visit the client to re-enforce it's importance.

The e-mail Laundry have proven so successful that we are actively discussing further projects which would provide more detailed analysis of e-mail delivery.  Based on current experience I am confident that the e-mail Laundry will meet and exceed our requirements and expectations.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the company, the people and the solution to any customers who wish to drive their business, either B to B or B to C.

Testimonial by
Chris Donnelly, Retail IT manager
ADM Londis(
15 Dec 2008


About Clean Communications Ltd.
The Email Laundry provides email security, email archiving and business continuity solutions. The company also provide their anti spam engine to other email security companies and service providers.

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