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Kildare, Ireland, 18-Apr-2008 / Clean Communications Ltd.,

According to research carried out by The Email Laundry, Irish firms are dealing with an influx of spam from their own country. 5.69% of unwanted mail is coming from within our own borders. Although this figure may not seem large it places us as the third worst offender with China at 5.96% and the United States at 13.58%. Considering 95% of email trying to get to our Irish customers in March was spam, Ireland is sending a lot of spam.

The vast majority of this unwanted mail seems to have it's origins in virally infected computers. As broadband penetration increases many home computers unknowingly become part of a “botnet” sending out a stream of spam.

The top seven offending countries were

1 United States 13.58%
2 China 5.96%
3 Ireland 5.69%
4 Korea 5.62%
5 Russia 5.45%
6 U.K. 4.11%
7 Turkey 3.67%

The Email Laundry's spam statistics are based on over 1000 Irish business domains who use our anti spam service. The information is taken from our own servers and no third parties are involved.
Our Anti Spam service is sold through our partner IT services companies. Contact us for more details.


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