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07-Nov-2008No more unwanted mail please
Kildare, Ireland, 07-Nov-2008 / Clean Communications Ltd.,

Clean Communications Ltd, an Irish anti spam development company, have performed a study on 1000 Irish company's email over the month of October 2008.The study shows that Irish business email users are sent an average of 95 spam emails every day. The largest number in the study was a company who were sent 4030 emails per person every day or 120,916 spam emails per employee every month. The study was based on information taken from The Email Laundry anti spam service.

“Spam is consistently representing 95% of email traffic to Irish business users this year” said Ralph Casey the technical director of Clean Communications. “Most companies have suffered some sort of loss of productivity from their problem by the time they start to use our service. We also see from our system that quite a lot of the spam is coming from other Irish IP addresses. Currently 6.6% of the spam has last come from an Irish machine.” The increase in spam volumes seems to move in direct correlation with the increase in broadband connections. As more people are connected to broadband at home their computers become infected with viruses that, unbeknown to themselves, send out spam. As broadband connections are continuing to rise worldwide so should the volumes of spam being sent. So there is little hope of spam disappearing in the short term.

There is a ray of hope for the future as Clean Communications continues to develop new methods of fighting the spammers. Their “Advanced connection filtering” software detects when email is coming from one of these home viruses and doesn't accept the email. So although the amount of spam being sent to you may be increasing you no longer have to know anything about it.


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