Clean Communications Ltd.
Ellenborough House, Dublin Road, Naas, Co. Kildare
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+353 (0)45 897766
Ken BagnallManaging Director 

The Email Laundry provides email security, email archiving and business continuity solutions. The company also provide their anti spam engine to other email security companies and service providers.

“Leading retail group saved from spam”...
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The Email Laundry expands to web
The Email Laundry Expands to Web
Irish firm doing well in Anti spam showdown
The world’s top anti spam products and services were pitted against each other for a comparative test using live internet traffic by Virus Bulletin. The results...
Irish Company leads the way against spam
Irish Company leads the International charge against Spam.
The Industry that cried Wolf
There has always been a certain element of hype to Computer Security stories. Usually companies in the IT Security arena cling on to any piece of bad news that...
No more unwanted mail please
Clean Communications Ltd, an Irish anti spam development company, have performed a study on 1000 Irish company's email over the month of October 2008.The study...
Irish firms sending spam
According to research carried out by The Email Laundry, Irish firms are dealing with an influx of spam from their own country. 5.69% of unwanted mail is coming...
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