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Allenwood South, Naas, Co. Kildare
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We at Orla Anderson Business Solution Providerís are committed to assisting your business to achieve 100% productivity by outsourcing the administration function to us.


Why spend hours of your valuable time doing unproductive yet compulsory work for your business, when you could be using that same time to effectively procure work, or finish works currently on your books which are of fiscal value to your business. You can outsource the administrative tasks at a lower cost to your business than the cost of you undertaking these everyday jobs.


 Invoicing
 Quotations
 Costing
 Financial Reporting
 Office Systems Set Up
 Key Account Management
 Debt Collection
 Project Management
 Quality System Auditing
 Management Auditing
 Purchasing
 Human Resources Screening and Selection
 Employment Law Advice
 Property Administration
 Typing
 Spreadsheet Solutions
 Event Planning
 Meeting Attendance & Minuting
 Travel and Hotel Bookings
 Presentations
 Holiday Cover


We can come to you, or you can come to us, the choice is yours. You only pay for the time we work for your business. Call us on 086 3824170 or email orla@orlaanderson.ie to discuss your requirements. Additional information regarding our services and background may be obtained by viewing www.orlaanderson.ie

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