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10-Jul-2009Jake's Not in the Doghouse yet!. Barter website Launch
Dublin - Centre, Ireland, 10-Jul-2009 / European Express Logistics Ltd,

Doghouse wanted for Nintendo DS! A dog owner will barter a Nintendo DS she no longer needs for a doghouse that she does need. And she’s making the offer on a new bartering website.

Welcome to the cash-less society. Instead of spending money you haven’t got, you can now swop goods for what you need.

“People can barter what they have for anything they see on,” said website founder Finnella Naughton.

For instance, a course provider offered an ante-natal course to a local accountant in exchange for some precious bookkeeping services.

Inspiration for the site came about when Finnella Naughton and a fellow business owner joined forces to negotiate a better magazine-advertising deal for both of them.

“Everyone gained. So now Barter-it has a free community section where people can post and ask for offers on what they have. They are also free to start discussions on whatever they like to discuss. And they can contact like-minded people through Barter-it,” she said.

The distinctive site also has a Members’ Lounge where, for just €40 a year, businesses can register and offer goods and services to one another, away from the public gaze.

“Offers in the Member’s Lounge will be flagged on the forum with the other offers; but to transact a business barter people need to register for the member’s area, so it’s a valuable place to be for anyone in business looking to source goods without cash,” said Finnella Naughton.
Barter-it offers new ways of doing old things: Swopping what you no longer need for what you do need, without bank or credit card charges. It could be the future, today.

Notes for editors
Barter-it is a website where goods are traded person to person and business to business.
Anything can be offered for barter and the deal can be done.
There is nothing to lose by offering to barter.
There are no charges for bartering and other than the nominal €40 a year Member’s Lounge for continuous business transactions, everything is free to use.


About European Express Logistics Ltd has been set up to create a meeting ground for business's to trade anything.
By becoming a member of this platform you will be able to increase business and save money in these unsettleing times.
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