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10-Nov-2008Electronic Payments are definitely the way forward!
Carlow, Ireland, 10-Nov-2008 / Proact Online Solutions Ltd,

On Tuesday 14th October 2008 the Government announced the stamp duty rate on Bills of Exchange including cheques is to rise from 30 cent to 50 cent. This increase will apply to cheques supplied by financial institutions to customers on or after the 15th October 2008. This means that since December 2007 the stamp duty has risen from 15 cent to 50 cent on cheques. For those of you who still use cheques as your businesses main form of payment, your costs over the past 12 months would have risen dramatically and will now continue to rise even further. Its now time to realise the cost and time savings of electronic payments and banking!

Check out the cheque cost calculator on our website to see exactly how much you can save.

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Proact Online Solutions Ltd. is the sole authorised reseller of the Twinfield online accounting system in Ireland. We provide clients in Ireland with web based accounting solutions, implementation and support services from our office in Carlow. Over 300 businesses in Ireland are now using Twinfield to make their accounting more efficient and ‘smarter’.

We at Proact are experts in implementing web based accounting solutions that can be implemented quickly, are cost effective to run and lead to immediate efficiencies. Some of the innovative solutions used include direct debits, e-billing and electronic payments. Our online accounting solution gives companies instant access to real time management information from which more accurate and reliable business decisions can be made!

For more information on what we do and how we help different businesses please check out our business case section on our website and if you feel we can help you please contact us at 059 9164291 or by email to

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