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22-Mar-2010Study Success Skills
Dublin - Centre, Ireland, 22-Mar-2010 / Awaken,

With around 50,000 students sitting the Leaving this year and more students doing the Junior Certificate, the months in the run up to exams can be an anxious time for both students and parents. So how can we bring some clarity and calm to what is often a fractious environment.

Firstly, students need to feel in control of their studies. Teenagers are at an age when they are fighting for independence and also rebelling against being told what to do. This can leave parents stressed and unsure how to support their child. It is important for the student to take responsibility for their own studies (this will serve them well in college and future jobs) and still feel supported.

Secondly, they also want to do their best but can often have a negative mindset which can come from peers who don’t want to appear organised and studious. Parents should encourage positivity and focus on real achievements by recognising positive behaviours and attitudes, for example, “What went well with your studies went this weekend?” and congratulating them on good organisation and taking responsibility.

Awaken is a coaching and development service dedicated to those who are facing challenges in their life, founded by Anthea Newburn who is a qualified executive and life coach. Anthea has worked in fast-paced work environment and is familiar with the challenges and stresses facing people. She has been developing her coaching skills over the past number of years. She saw a growing need for secondary level student to identify their learning style and manage stress in the run up to and during exams. Because of her extensive knowledge and the challenges Anthea set up Awaken to coach individuals to optimum performance.

If you want to learn more about study skills Anthea Newburn is hosting a half day Study & Exam Success Workshop in Johnstown Business Centre, Naas on 30th March. More information can be found on

‘It is important to have someone objective & supportive when you are facing new challenges and have stress in your life. A coach can both challenge and encourage you to be your best’, comments Anthea.


About Awaken
Anthea is a qualified Executive & Life Coach; accredited EQi Assessor, certified with the Irish Institute of Training & Development (IITD), affiliated with Life and Business Coaching Association Ireland (LBCAI) and fully insured.

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• Awaken the unique you with individually tailored coaching
• Awaken people performance with Executive coaching
• Awaken EQ success with an EQi assessment & coaching
• Awaken career choices with Career coaching
• Awaken stress management one-to-one consultancy
• Awaken freedom from stress workshop

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