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21-Oct-2008Make better use of your client testimonials, on
Kildare, Ireland, 21-Oct-2008 / PR Zone,

Client testimonials, as key marketing assets, can now be published as part of a business profile on These are authored in much the same way as regular posted news, but require Client contact approval before being presented to the public, thereby assuring readers of their authenticity.

Once approved, testimonials are immediately visible on the site, included in the RSS feed and the top major search engines are instantly notified to update their index. Testimonials are also available on the website news feed, ensuring that continues the ethos of complementing the business website. maintains tracking statistics for news & testimonials, and can quickly and clearly indicate how catchy a headline is to leading to a full view, how frequently a news article has been listed & viewed in the past 30 days, and also where the article was listed: on; by email; RSS; your website. Finally, you can see how successfully your news or testimonial encouraged the reader to visit your website.

Adrian Geissel, Director, explains “our tracking demonstrates a very clear pattern: the visitor arrives from a search query, reads one or more news articles and then continues their journey to the business website. Our interpretation of this behaviour is that the visitor has learnt more about the business, and gained confidence, before they engage with the business. We believe this to be the holy grail of PR, and demonstrates the role the plays in the modern, online, global marketplace that is the internet”.

The 'Elsewhere on the web' section has also been given greater prominence, drawing more attention to other websites that have published about the business, and presenting that instant overview of all news, testimonials and external mentions of the business in one central, searchable, easily accessible location.


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Simply upload your press release to the site and benefit from increased exposure. Publishing news on will increase the visibility of your business bringing more visitors, and potential customers, to your site. You can also automatically distribute news to your targeted email list which is stored securely on

Once posted to the site, your news items can be integrated back onto your own site as a news feed using your own branding fresh content is one of the key reasons why a customer will keep coming back to your site. - your online news profile

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