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We view "PR" as being the continuous marketing activity of build Brand, Reputation and Credibility - helping your
customers to make the correct purchasing decision! had been designed from the inside out to support this activity, and using modern technology to extend its reach
into social networks, business emails and more, all from an easy to use control panel.

Over time, your profile builds into a Virtual Press Room, as you add Articles, Press Releases, Media Clippings
and client Testimonials, and this profile supports your marketing, promotion and publicity endeavours from a single, central location. also distributes news, testimonials and articles to your nominated media contacts, has excellent search
indexing responses, and last but not least, also sends site activity digests to all members. - Your Business. Your Message

News, Articles & Press Releases embraces Web 2.0 social networking seamlessly updates, extending the reach of press releases, news and testimonials to this vibrant and rapidly expanding...
Make better use of your client testimonials, on
Client testimonials, as key marketing assets, can now be published as part of a business profile on These are authored in much the same way as... goes Live!
In an online world, more and more customers are turning to the Internet to research companies, products and services. Modern businesses will have a website, but...