Adams Barbershop
Unit 1, Dawson Street
Monaghan, Co.Monaghan
Registered Business Number:
Adam McKennaFounder 

Adams Barbershop mission is to supply high quality world famous products and services and continually educate men about the Traditional Wet Shaving. At Adams Barbershop we provide outstanding customer service and detailed knowledge and expertise of the products and services we sell.
Our product range is built on long and practical knowledge of the barbering trade. We sell only the best - from a product with lower price up to high- end exclusive market.
We make our products accessible and affordable for all customer levels by cutting out unnecessary “extras”. We do not believe in excessive product packaging – it only makes product expensive, but do not add any additional usage advantages. The brands we sell speak for themselves – by the century’s old brand quality standards and the purpose of use.
We provide excellent order turnover times and by placing order with Adams Barbershop you can start to enjoy your product almost immediately!
The brands we stock: MÚHLE,MERKUR,DOVO,GEO F.TRUMPER,TAYLOR OF OLD BOND STREET and many, many more.

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