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Charlotte JamiesonHead Therapist/Director 

I am a fully qualified massage therapist who takes pride in providing the best possible attention to all of my clients.
My aim is to have you leaving me in a relaxed and enlightened state. U.K. trained and qualified/certified in colonic hydrotherapy I have taken a great interest in the amazing physiological effects of this treatment and reap great personal rewards from the many successful treatments I have carried out.
After having worked in this field for many years I have struck out alone and am now working from home.
Myself and my husband have created a calm setting with peaceful waiting area and luxurious surroundings.
However it is our intention that the waiting area is used very little. Our bookings are arranged in such away as to allow complete anonymity and reduce waiting time to a minimum, eliminating the whole waiting room scenario.
It has proven a hit with our clients and working from home has also reduced our overheads, enabling us to reduce costs for you.

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