Dear Fellow BNI Members,

Because I spend most of my working day at a computer, I am painfully aware of how much time can be saved by efficient software and just how frustrating bad software can be. Fortunately, the latest software to enter our office is both time saving and a pleasure to use.

The new BusinessManager+ application from ADECSYS created to manage the duties of the BNI Secretary Treasurer makes my life exceedingly easy.

The application tracks the 10-minute speakers and the breakfast dues - issuing automatic messages to all the appropriate members, thus greatly reducing the Treasurer's workload. I can only imagine how ADECSYS's talents could benefit a proper business.

All new software is not without it's teasing issues, but fortunately any alterations required have been dealt with expediently and with courtesy. I have no hesitation in recommending ADECSYS to someone looking for customised business software.

This application is available at no cost to BNI Chapters - registration only takes a few minutes on

Testimonial by
David Cooke, Secretary/Treasurer BNI Liffey Chapter (2010)
Cooke Design(
18 Sep 2010


About adecsys
adecsys, work with company Directors and Business Owners to improve profitability using bespoke business software.

Over the past 11 years, we have achieved dramatic results for clients from a variety of industry sectors and sizes, saving time, enabling new business opportunities and reducing risks to their businesses. Our analysis skills and approach ensure that our client systems mirror existing business work processes and terminology, ensuring easy of use, quick adoption and a significant lifetime return on investment.

We pride ourselves on offering honest, impartial and jargon-free advice and are always open to exploring new ideas and ways to help businesses work more effectively.

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