adecsys have been working closely with our company for the last 10 months on a web based monitoring tool and have been instrumental in the development of this system both from the programming of the system but also in itís design for use.

Their ability to take a concept and develop a working model around it is exceptional. They have enabled our company to deliver an outstanding product to our clients that offers real cost reduction capabilities through quicker and more accurate information availability. Delivering a solution that fits current working practices is one thing, they have also designed the system to allow for significant modifications going forward as we continue to collect customer feedback and develop the product in line with what our clients actually need.

In our experience three of the major factors which determine the success of software in the market are customer usability, stability and fit for use. All of these factors have been delivered repeatedly by adecsys.

Throughout our development process there have been significant challenges. In every case, adecsys have continually found solutions. In addition to their programming skills, their communication abilities have allowed everyone within our organisation to develop exceptional understanding of the workings of the system and thus pass this knowledge onto our client base.

We have strong future development plans and will continue to work with adecsys well into the future.

Testimonial by
Colm Geoghegan, Managing Director
Effective Enterprise Solutions(
26 Oct 2008


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adecsys, work with company Directors and Business Owners to improve profitability using bespoke business software.

Over the past 11 years, we have achieved dramatic results for clients from a variety of industry sectors and sizes, saving time, enabling new business opportunities and reducing risks to their businesses. Our analysis skills and approach ensure that our client systems mirror existing business work processes and terminology, ensuring easy of use, quick adoption and a significant lifetime return on investment.

We pride ourselves on offering honest, impartial and jargon-free advice and are always open to exploring new ideas and ways to help businesses work more effectively.

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